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The Ends do NOT Justify the Means

John 3:

  • The principle in this passage that weighs on me today is in verse 30, “[Jesus] must increase, but I must decrease.” At the time of this writing I have been reading a book called The Way of the Dragon OR the Way of the Lamb. This is drawing my eyes to tons of phrases like this all through the Bible. Even in the world of professing Christians, I seldom see “leaders” (myself included) that minister from the posture that John the Baptist is demonstrating. And before we say “Well, that was John the Baptist, not everyone is like that.”, let’s not forget that Jesus said that there was “no one greater than John the Baptist.” (Matthew 11:11) Even with much of our “in Jesus’ name” lip-service, at the heart of our actions, we’re pressing forth our agendas, our reputation, our brand, our organizations, our churches, etc. A failure to take serious this posture is to put one dangerously close to those who did impressive things “in Jesus’ name” yet did not have a saving relationship with him. (see Matthew 7:21-23)
  • What does it look like to be attractional without attracting people to you or your agendas or your organization? How do we draw people to Jesus without distracting them with our means & methods of drawing? I do not entirely know the answers. But, if we do not take the warnings seriously, the results can be devastating for us, as well as for those we “love”. My gut tells me that the answers must be discovered within the context of a like-minded community.

Holy Spirit, let my joy be in the fame and adoration of Jesus. Help me to increasingly be fixed on his praise and decreasingly concerned about my own reputation.

VERSE 30 was a key verse in giving me an example of what it looks like to view Jesus above everything… even to the point of death. (see Matthew 14:1-11)

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