Words of Life

I See the Signs

John 2:

  • Over the past century our world has become littered with “signs”. Traffic “signs” to give direction and safety. Announcement boards and bulletin boards to keep people up with current events. Advertisements trying to convince us to give money for items we may or may not need. This is not to mention the myriad of of pop up “signs” that consume our computers, phones, and devices. There are so many “signs” revolving around us, I wonder if we’ve become numb to them and stopped looking. Being a “professional” pastor for approximately the last 8 years, I’ve been, in part, a creator of these “signs”; reminding people through emails, texts, Facebook, Instagram, bulletin boards, digital screens, newsletters, service announcements, snail mail, phone calls, and so on. Yet, more often than not, it seems most people are in the category of “We didn’t know that was happening.” Have we stopped looking?
  • In John 2 Jesus begins doing what John is calling “signs.” It’s important that we note that he does not call them “miracles”. For John does not want people to respond with “That was neat!” Rather, John wants us to ask, “Who is this man, Jesus?” From the beginning of this gospel John tells us how he thinks we should respond to the works of Jesus. In verse 23 he says, “many believed in [Jesus’] name when they saw the signs that he was doing.”

Jesus, I don’t want to treat you like a circus monkey, saying, “Neat trick, do it again!” I want to see what history, Scripture, and reason reveals; that you are God, our very Creator, compassionately and sacrificially become human, in order to love, lead, forgive, and make a way for us to be with you forever. Holy Spirit, do not let my eyes and mind be blind to what the “signs” are pointing to.

VERSE 23 was key in showing me that the signs were not meant as much to amaze us, but to point us to Jesus.

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