Words of Life

Weak Eyes

Psalm 84:

  • Listen to the descriptive words that the psalmist uses at the beginning of this psalm. They include, “lovely”, “longs”, and “faints”. (vs. 1-2) Is this how we view gathering with fellow believers? If our gathering routine is weekly, do we experience an intensifying feeling of fainting and longing to gather? I admit, I do not feel these ways often enough. Is it because the bride of Christ is not lovely? Or does it have more to do with my blindness?!

I confess, LORD, I am blind! Forgive me. Heal me. Open my eyes that I may see and desire and adore and crave the gathering of Your children. Teach me how to treat Your ride this way; even as she is stumbling and marred, even as my weak eyes are learning to see.

VERSE 1-2: were helpful in seeing the extremely emotive ways that the psalmist feels about God’s people…at least at this time of their life.

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