Words of Life

I Want Healing to See Jesus

John 5:

  • “Do you want to be healed?” (vs. 6) What an odd, even offensive thing to ask a man who’s been an invalid for 38 years! (vs. 5) It’s odd because it seems to me that anyone would want to be healed. But do they? What is I asked people one at a time at a Sunday gathering, “Do you want to know Jesus?” “Do you want to be with Jesus?” What would the answers be? Then, what if I asked them, “Are you looking for Jesus? And show me how you are looking.” How would many answer? How would you answer?
  • Jesus gives at least 2 ways of seeking him in this chapter. In verse 39 he says to “search the Scriptures”. True, the religious leaders were searching the Scriptures already, but they were not seeking God, the Messiah, Jesus. What do we look for when we are reading the Bible, if we read the Bible? Interesting facts for trivia? Affirmation of our own thoughts and opinions? Vindication to defend our own arguments? Or, are we looking for Jesus? Another, less obvious way of seeking Jesus is by following Jesus, his example. “[Jesus] is working.” (vs. 17) His work is not seeking glory that comes from other people. (vs. 41) His work is directed by the heart of the Father. (vs. 17, 19) And participating in this “good” work reveals if we are postured toward “life” or toward “judgement.” (vs. 29)
  • Are we really seeking Jesus? Do we really want to seek Jesus? Show me! Search the Scriptures, love the least, do not cave in to the shifting whims of people, trust the eternal, enduring glory that comes from the Father.

Lord, teach me to “seek”. When I seek, help me to see. When I see, help me to follow. Let me set aside the comforts of immediate gratification, that I may take hold of the glory you have in store.

VERSE 39 helps me to see 2 important this; 1. serious work reading the Bible is a legitimate, maybe even a primary way to learn about Jesus, 2. there is an unhelpful way of reading the Bible that I must be careful to avoid. That way would at least include reading without considering what this shows me about Jesus.

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