Words of Life

A God who Sees, Hears, & Cares

Exodus 3:

  • Moses is now around 80 years old. I don’t know what this felt like in his day. But, knowing how low he has come, from such great heights, I wonder if he has given up hope of making any difference for his suffering brothers and sisters in Egypt. He is now in his final years, married, and seemingly content to be a shepherd in his father-in-law’s service. (vs. 1) Still, he had an eye open, ready to see the workings of Yahweh (“the LORD”). For here he sees the wonder of the fire in the bush, hears the voice, and bows down. (vs. 2-6) Was Moses still ready to serve his God and bring deliverance?
  • God says that He “sees”, “hears”, “knows” (or cares), and will respond to the afflictions of his people. When I hear this it fills me with hope, but it’s a sobering hope. For, God’s people have now been in Egypt for about 400+ years. (Genesis 15:13) [That’s more than the time of my country’s, USA’s, existence!] Many would not live to see God’s response.
  • So, I choose to live in this sobering hope today. God is not unaware of me or my people. God is not insensitive or uncaring. God is willing and able to respond in a way that works for the greatest good. Yet, He has eyes, knowledge, and wisdom to respond in a way that goes far beyond my own limited existence and perception. Can I trust Him and be glad to know that I am connected to such a glorious plan? Even when I do not know which part of the connection I am linked to?

LORD, I will choose to trust you. Your Word will not return void! (Isaiah 55:11) When I am connected to You and Your Word, I will bear much fruit! (John 15:5) I am glad to play my part in Your plan! Thank You.

VERSE 7-8 helped teach me that God is not distant and disconnected. He is aware of the happenings in my life. When it feels like mere waiting, I must trust that God sees and is acting in His time and according to His plan. Still, this does not mean merely “waiting”, but to continue to “cry out”, for He “hears” His children.

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