Words of Life

Problems & Pain in the Light of Power & Promise

John 9:

  • Sin and Sight. How are we to discern? Maybe we’re not supposed to discern. Maybe we should spend less time asking, “Who is at fault?” (vs. 2) Maybe we should spend more time looking for how God is working around us. (vs. 3)
  • Is it possible that my problems, my pain, my persecutions are somehow parts of God’s plan? Will God redeem my mess in a way that far out shines the tangled confusion of my sin and the hurtful effects of other people’s sins on my life? I believe that is what God’s promises point to.

Jesus, I want to see Your work in my life. Not that I do not want to make dents in my own sinful patterns. But, I want to be even more focused on your work, your ways, and your will. For your power and promises will completely make right all of these things. Praise God!

VERSE 3 reminds me that God has purposes in even some of the more difficult realities in life. If I can see this in the narratives of others, then I must look for this in my own life.

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