Words of Life

Necessary Yard Work

John 15:

  • Recent storms around my house has shaken weak branches from many trees. Should I expect that these branches, detached from the tree trunk, will begin sprouting leaves? Of course not!
  • Yet, it seems that there are many gatherings of professing Christians who are not really connected to Jesus. What is the evidence? Conversation and conduct. Jesus is mentioned in song and study, but in normal conversation he is not to be found. Is this a living relationship that won’t speak consistently, joyfully, and practically about the Savior who redeemed and walks with us daily? The evidence does not give one confidence.
  • And what about conduct? Jesus says that the branches that are true, obey his commands. (vs. 7, 8, 10, 14, etc.) What are his commands? “Love one another” (vs. 12). “Lay down your life” (vs. 13). Pray to the Father (vs. 16). Bear witness of (that is talk about) Jesus (vs. 27).
  • So, how are we doing with these commands? If poorly, it’s ok, you’ll be pruned, but kept on the tree (vs. 2). But, if these are not normal part of our lives, there is little confidence that we are not a dead branch, disconnected from the tree (Jesus).

Holy Spirit, fill me with joy in Jesus. Quicken me to speak his name. Strengthen me to love and sacrifice for my brothers and sisters.

VERSE 5 was key in helping me to see what the focus of my role should be as well as what I should expect from Jesus’ role in our relationship.

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