Words of Life

Jesus is Everything

John 14:

  • This chapter probably has well over a dozen phrases that can be pondered and worked through. Today I am focusing on one of the many identity claims that Jesus made. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life”.
    How often we receive Jesus in name only, with no regard for who he is! Is this even receiving him at all? We know that there are people who work in Jesus’ name, yet have no union with him, no salvation. (Matthew 7)

    • Jesus is the way! Does this make his name into a mere code that grants access? Or, do we follow his way? Consider how often he says that we are to do what he does. (vs. 12, 21, 23, 24 – in this chapter alone – not to mention passages such as Luke 9:23, “deny yourself…follow“)
    • Jesus is the truth! Do we hold beliefs that are disconnected from Jesus? Things that stand fine without him? These may be facts, but they do not hold the power of transcendent reality that Jesus does. Check your beliefs, your values, your preferences; lest we develop “itching ears” that only want to hear what suits them. (2 Timothy 4:3)
    • Jesus is the life! There are many exhilarating things in this world. Ask any addict, they will tell you some. But fun things, enjoyable things (though not without lesser value) are fleeting and fading. When our joys are tightly tethered to Jesus, explicitly related to Jesus, and intentionally expressing Jesus, then this is LIFE! How would you measure what excites you?

      Holy Spirit, I know there are callouses, webs, and sludge that impede my eyes and heart from seeing and loving Jesus as he aught; as he is. Clear this for me. Then, strengthen me to respond accordingly.

      VERSES 6 was key in seeing the exclusive and all-encompassing necessity of keeping Jesus central and every part of our lives.

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