Words of Life

Jesus’ Dying Desire

John 17:

  • The wishes of a dying man are important. Even death row criminals are treated with some dignity concerning final wishes. (How much more a righteous man?) In this chapter Jesus is about to die. And what are the deepest wishes on his heart?
  • Consider how often Jesus speaks of oneness in this chapter. (more than 8 times) He wants us, the Church, to love one another in a unifying way. (vs. 2) Yes, unified around truth expressed through the words of Jesus! (vs. 20)
  • But how often do we use these precious, beautiful, and unifying words to divide, hate, ostracize, judge, etc.? I don’t think Jesus’ dying words would be viewed as taken seriously by the world as they watch us consistently split over trivial things.
  • Beyond this, the kind of unity / oneness Jesus is talking about wanting within the Church is compared to the oneness that we see in the Trinity itself! This is incredible! It’s heartbreaking knowing how often we miss this. But, it’s wonderful knowing that this is the goal that we are destined for.

Jesus, you know how much it hurts and grieves me that the local expressions of the Church cannot experience this kind of oneness! Holy Spirit, lead me into community where I can get a glimpse of what you are describing here.

VERSE 21 was key in showing me that Jesus wants us to be as close to one another as he is with the Father and Holy Spirit.

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