Words of Life

A Truth that’s Hard to Hear

John 18:

  • By this time in the life of Jesus, the frenzy among the religious authorities rose to such levels that they were no longer listening to anything (if they ever were). They ask questions, but get angry at the answers. It seems that they only wanted Jesus to affirm their positions of authority and submit to them.
  • This is often the case today within conflicting dialogue. Listening and reasoning are seldom a part of the discussion. Only arguments and cases are made, laid on the table, not to analyze, but to WIN!
  • Can this be the case with me? Regretfully, it is. Even if coming to a point of consensus is not possible, can we mutually respect one another’s efforts to speak passionately from conviction? Still, when it comes to Jesus there is an entirely different posture that I must have. For his words are always right. He is the truth! And even when his words confront, challenge, and hurt; we must at least acknowledge their authority and attempt to submit to them.

Jesus, I know you are the Truth. Forgive me when I often treat your words and ways as optional. Thank you for forgiving me when I fail.

Verse 37 was key in showing me both how Jesus viewed his ministry and words…as TRUTH. But it also shows me how those who are “of the truth” are expected to receive Jesus’ words.

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