Words of Life

The Simple Secret to Successful Service

Number 23:

  • Do we want to hear the wisdom of God or do we want God to put His stamp of approval on our “wisdom?” If we truly trust God, then we must accept and submit to God’s plan, even when it’s not favorable or desirable to us. Balak of Moab exhausted a lot of resources and energy presenting offerings repeatedly, hoping God would change His will. (vs. 19) Are our acts of worship any different?! Do we pray and praise merely in hopes that God would serve us?! May it not be so!! But if we will not find the courage to test our hearts and trust God’s guidance, then we flip the relationship, attempting to make God our servant!
    • I want to trust You, LORD. Give me strength and courage when Your path for me is hard.


Daniel 3:

  • Who does not love this story of the fiery furnace? One thing that I wonder about, is where is Daniel? Perhaps he was away on a trip? Or maybe he had a moment of fear or rationalization or weakness and worshipped the golden image?! Still, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stood up to Nebuchadnezzar’s challenge. (vs. 15b) To add to this insult, they not only declare God’s “ability” to deliver them but commit to defy Nebuchadnezzar even in the face of the possibility that God’s will is for their death! In this case, God does deliver, and the king responds violently in favor of the Israelite’s superior God. (vs. 29)
    • LORD, how I want Your will to be in my favor. And I know that ultimately it is. Don’t let my trust in and love for You be shallow and conditional, that I will not commit to You unless it is on my finite and ignorant terms. Give me strength.


Philippians 4:

  • Contentment is the simple secret to successful service! (vs. 11) When Paul says he “can do all things” (vs. 13), he is not claiming an ability to do whatever he sets his mind and will on. Rather, he is saying that he can joyfully (vs. 4) and prayerfully (vs. 6) trust God, leaning on the supernatural peace that God provides (vs. 7) to endure any circumstance. (vs.12)
    • Jesus, help me be content with what you give and where you lead. Please give me the peace to do this joyfully and with gratitude.

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