Words of Life

Counterintuitive Communication for Celestial Citizenship

Numbers 22:

  • God speaks puzzling things through odd means. First, it seems that there are people in the land who are aware of Yahweh (the LORD) and have a working relationship with Him. (vs. 8, 13, 19-20) Yet they do not seem to be aware of God’s chosen people leaving Egypt. (vs. 2-4a) Since the law was in the hands of the Israelites, these people of Moab would not be familiar with that law either. Perhaps they have learned by word of mouth about Yahweh through the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) centuries earlier or been in contact with other priests like Melchizadek. (Genesis 14:18) It’s interesting that Ruth, who will be so significant to the LORD’s plan of redemption, will also come from Moab.
    • LORD, give me eyes to see Your people and Your ways, and give me ears to hear Your words; even when it comes from unlikely and unexpected places.


Daniel 2:

  • God’s ways are often counterintuitive to us. Not to mention His ways of communicating His ways. Through the dreams of a violent ruler, God lets His servants have insight into His plans. (vs. 28) Though the statue in the dream, made from various materials (vs. 32-33) represents several mighty kingdoms, (vs. 37-40) it’s the crude and mixed feet of clay and iron, used in the hands of the One who cut the rock from tPhe mountain that determines the fate of all the mighty kingdoms. (vs. 41-42, 44) The feet are God’s mixed and broken people, (vs. 43) though filled with soft clay, also contains the strength of iron.
    • You are mysterious and wise, LORD. Help me not to presume to know Your ways, unless You give me insight. Give me eyes to see what I need to in order to say and do what You require of me.


Philippians 3:

  • Everything is loss (vs. 7) until we find Jesus. (vs. 14) My experience of this truth is only as vibrant as my ability to view the paled value of this life (vs. 8) as not worth comparing to the grand reality of knowing Christ, which transcends everything, even life itself! (vs. 10)
    • Jesus, help me to own my true¬†heavenly citizenship, (vs. 20) that I may release myself from the bondage to this world and find peace and joy in who you are and what you give.

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