Words of Life

Wisdom to See Unbearable Mercy

Ezekiel 16:

  • This is one of the hardest chapters in the Bible for me to read. It contains much judgment. But if we remember the newborn girl left for dead (vs. 4-5) and what God did for her (vs. 6-14) and what He will do (vs. 60-63), then the crimes and judgments (vs. 15-58) are nearly unbearable!
    • Oh the grace of God given to us! Help us understand the metaphor the LORD has beautifully given through His servant, Ezekiel.


1 Corinthians 2:

  • The wisdom of Christ does not consist of crafty plans and arguments. Rather, there is a profound wisdom that depends entirely on the Spirit of God engaging the spirit of man. If this is not the method and means of our message, how can we be fruitful?!
    • Lord, let us be weak and full of fear and trembling (vs. 3), that Your power and Your wisdom and Your truth might be evident.

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