Words of Life

Inclusive Purpose for Repentant Sinners

Psalms 64 & 65:

  • I began wondering if David were “qualified” or “disqualified” to be a part of God’s plan, ministering with God’s people based on his moral successes or failures, would he be a functional part of today’s church? Would we include a man who lusted, violated a woman, planned murder to cover his violation and executed this plan via people under his command? What the church would miss! We must adjust our qualification gauges! The main (and possibly ONLY) gauge to being “a man after God’s own heart” is the humility to say “I am wrong!” (see 1 Samuel 25:32-35)

Jeremiah 29:

  • Vs. 11 is probably one of the most abused and misused verses in the Bible. If we read the entire chapter, not least of all 29:10, would we claim 29:11 so freely? God says that he will bless his people…in 70 years!! Most of us will be dead when this blessing comes! Is this really the promise that you claim and are putting your hope in?! This promise can only bring you gladness if your delight is more in the renown of God’s name than in your temporal success; more in the welfare of your neighbor and your children than in your own comforts!
    • Yes, let’s embrace this promise! But with a humble, sober mind!

Acts 18:

  • It’s interesting how the Jews as a whole rejected Paul’s message (vs. 5-6), yet it was the head of the synagogue and his family who were among the first to believe the Gospel in Corinth (vs. 8). There was a social price to pay for this believing. He was dragged before the governing authorities, who ignore the plea of the Jews and turn their heads while the Jews beat him publicly.
    • Lord, give your people the strength to preach the inclusive nature of the Gospel, even if/when there are difficult reactions to this message.
  • Also, in vs. 24 we meet Apollos (a man “competent in the Scriptures”). Yet Priscilla and Aquila show up and explain the Scriptures “more accurately” to Apollos (vs. 26). Then in 19:6 Paul shows up and adds the still missing element of the Holy Spirit to Apollos’ growing understanding!
    • Lord, help me to never get to such a point of perceived Scriptural “arrival” that I can’t be taught, repent and grow.

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  1. Often difficult to understand how David gets away with all this, yet Ananias & Sapphira lose their lives for lying about the amount they put in the offering. Obviously God does not view fairness as we do. Strange that disqualification is seldom doled out by men with no record of wrong-doing, but by men just like us who have made plenty of mistakes. It takes the most humility to accept the decision of those over us when they say, “you’re done” to say “okay” and move along peacefully. Usually we show our wounds to the rest of Christianity & never heal from what happened. Hard issues indeed. Perfection is ahead for those who believe, but for now God deals only with imperfect people in a perfect way

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