Words of Life

The Hard Cups of Righteous Judgment and Sacrificial Declaration

Jeremiah 24&25:

  • 24:7 – If You, oh LORD, can “give [me] a heart to know that [You are] the LORD,” then by Your mercy and for Your Name’s sake, give me this heart.
  • 25:7 – the offense of the people that provoked God to anger was not a failure to act, but it was a diligence in acting without listening.
    • LORD, let me cease from the work of my hands long enough to hear Your voice and have Your justified anger removed from me.
  • 25:28 – Jeremiah is commanded to make the nations drink the cup of the LORD’s wrath (vs. 15). God expects the nations to accept this cup. If they refuse, the judgement stands nevertheless.
    • LORD, help me to receive Your righteous judgment that I deserve! If You grant mercy, then I will rejoice all the more!!!

Acts 14:

  • Paul and Barnabas and many others were threatened (vs. 5) and stoned (vs. 19), yet they continued to joyfully preach the Gospel. They even communicated this reality in their preaching of the Gospel (vs. 22 – “through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”).
    • Lord, let us preach the Gospel with this kind of clarity and boldness, that we may build a STRONG church!

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