Words of Life

Worshiping with Unedited Words

Jeremiah 26:

  • “Worship” is described as having the courage to speak all the words of God without editing them. The result in this case was that even the religious (priests, prophets, & people) wanted to kill Jeremiah. In verse 14 we see that Jeremiah was willing to accept that consequence. In vs. 16ff. the people repent of their desire to kill Jeremiah, wisely using history to consider their circumstances. Ironically, preoccupation with relenting of their unjustified anger toward Jeremiah seems to be a distraction from actually listening and dealing with the issues needing repentance (vss. 4-6). For we know where this quickly leads in Israel’s history.
    • LORD, give us a sober mind that can check our emotions that lead to offense, so that we may hear You even when it’s hard, even when it hurts. Then our emotions may be rightly attached to truth.

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