Words of Life

Prosperity does NOT mean Approval!

Jeremiah 43-45:

  • Though Jeremiah warns the people of their idolatry, they explicitly refuse to believe Jeremiah’s words (vs. 16). In light of the circumstances, fleeing from the Babylonians into Egypt, they still will not believe. The reasoning is that they experienced prosperity during the time of idolatry (vs. 17-18). Jeremiah has a different interpretation of their prosperity: The LORD was patiently bearing their rebellion in hopes that they’d turn and obey (vs. 20-23).
  • The deceptiveness of circumstances is strong! Prosperity, peace, and popularity can seem like God’s approval. While poverty, conflict, and rejection can seem like God’s disapproval. This is not the case! The problem is not in the observations, but in the wrong metrics being measured. The measurements that should guide our actions should not be set on the circumstances, but on the inner things: the heart that reflects the revealed heart of God, the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)
    • LORD, give me eyes to see in others, and in myself, the things that matter. The things that lead to true peace, happiness, community and effectiveness. Help me not be distracted by fleeting appearances of success, which is often really self-aggrandizement or idolatry.

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