Words of Life

Given Over to Our “Better” Judgement?

Romans 1:

  • Here Paul expresses his desire to visit the believers in Rome (vs. 10&13). His goal is to “be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” What’s particularly interesting here is that Christianity is still very young at this point. Yet, there is a church in Rome, though Paul has never been there. Paul is viewed as the great 1st-century missionary, but there were others. I can’t wait, when in that eternal kingdom, to meet these unsung heroes who are void in history’s writings, yet set history’s course more than we now know. Receiving credit, gaining renown, is not the goal. Rather, fearless faithfulness.
  • The most difficult passage in this first chapter is vs. 24. Some of the most difficult moral lapses that humanity faces are to some degree God’s doing. (“God gave them up…to”). This means that I can have compassion on those who greatly struggle with these moral impulses that came from the sins of their ancestors. What is the heart of these sins? Not necessarily destructive and violent desires, but misplaced worship (vs. 25).
    • Lord, transform my desires to be in line with Yours. Where they are yet to be transformed, help me to put these strong, misplaced desires to death, that I might worship You.

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