Words of Life

Reduced to Trust

Romans 9:

  • Trust is an interesting thing. I find it easy enough to trust God with stuff, circumstances, status, reputation and other such things. But with people, here is the rub! Can I trust God with my son, my spouse, a friend, a neighbor, those closest to me? Can my will overcome another’s will? Does God’s will, which He does not allow omniscient access to (vs. 15-16), side with mine or another’s or neither?
  • Paul so wrestled with these kinds of questions that he desired to have been denied mercy IF its effects were his kin being shown mercy (vs. 3)! Is this an overstatement of Paul’s or would he do this if he could? I don’t think we can know. In the end, I’m reduced to trusting God and His character! Which is where I suppose we were supposed to begin. In some categories, this is easier said than done.
    • God help us…and let Your glory be the result (vs. 23).

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