Words of Life

Beautiful Feet Speak Indiscriminately

Romans 10:

  • Sometimes it’s the simple things that we miss. For instance, in vs. 13-15 Paul puts this formula in reverse order: a person is sent – a person speaks the Gospel – a person hears the Gospel – a person believes the Gospel – a person calls on Jesus – a person is saved. We can spend too much time (warranted at times) on methods of sending and communicating, too much time (warranted in its own right) on the precision and effective¬†agents of belief, and all the while we¬†fail to send and speak. It seems to me that at least one of the points of the parable of the soils (Matthew 13) is that the seed (the Gospel) is cast indiscriminately. Debate the precision of meaning. Sharpen the depth of our thinking. But NEVER at the expense of speaking! We are not held responsible for the response to the Gospel we speak, only that we speak it. It’s then that we will be said to have “beautiful feet.” (vs. 15)
    • Holy Spirit, make my feet beautiful!

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