Words of Life

The Church is a Motley Crew

Romans 11:

  • The mysterious connection between the nation, Israel, and the Church. We are “unnatural,” grafted in. Not to the nation. For the nation, though it is “natural,” is cut off. Again, from what? I would suggest that the “disobedience” of Israel that resulted in being cut from the Root was primarily a refusal to joyfully trust God (vs. 20).
  • So, Israel was chosen as the means of displaying the undeserved grace of God to the world through a grateful faith. They refusedĀ to believe, and so God is using this motley gathering of Gentiles, (with a remnant of Jews – vs. 5) called the Church, to declare God’s grace to the world.
  • This happens until the preordained number of Gentiles comes to faith (vs. 25).
    • I’m not sure I’m fully grasping the plan and its implications (vs. 33), but what is clear is that I must believe/trust and declare God’s unmerited grace towards me.

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