Words of Life

God, the Unwelcome Guest in His own House

Ezekiel 10 & 11:

  • This is one of the saddest visions! We see a process of the movement of the presence of the glory of the LORD. In 10:4 the glory of the LORD moves to the entrance of the temple. In 10:19 the glory of the LORD moves to the east gate, outside the temple. The glory of the LORD then leaves the temple area and went over the city of Jerusalem. In 11:23 we see that the glory of the LORD moves to the east edge of the city on the mountain. Though the sacrificial system continued for centuries, God’s presence was never there in the same way.
  •  I see something similar in Revelation 2:5, where Jesus promises to remove the Ephesian church from his plan. History shows us that this indeed happened. Yet, for how long did the Ephesian church continue in practice? Did they notice the ceasing of the presence and working of the Holy Spirit from among them?
    • Lord, let us be sensitive enough to know Your presence, to not press on without You. Give us hearts to seek You above all things.

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