Words of Life

The Tattooed God

Isaiah 49

  • It’s not enough for the Creator of the universe to merely redeem a people (Israel) who are called “least.” The LORD has people in all the nations of the world. (vs. 6) The nations will act as keepers of God’s children, “foster fathers” and “nursing mothers” (vs. 23), but they will give an account for how they treat the LORD’s children. (vs. 24-26)
  • The assurance that the LORD will keep this promise is in the fact that He is more committed to His children than a nursing mother is to her infant. (vs. 15-16) For we are tattooed onto the hands of God! He will not forget!!
    • Therefore, LORD, I have reason to praise, to sing, to be glad. (vs. 13) Let me not forget Your promises!

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