Words of Life

Care, Courage & Confrontation

Ezra 9:

  • Not long after the blessings and provisions and protection come that the Israelites enjoyed, did they begin entering into sexual relations with people in opposition to the LORD. Ezra not only confronts and rebukes the people, but he takes personal responsibility for this. Listen to his prayer (vs. 6-15), he does not say “they,” but “we” and “us.” Ezra recognizes his responsibility in leading.
  • Today we are so privatized! We think, as long as I am “good” with God, I hold no guilt for the culture we live in. Not true!! We must own the setting we live in. Repent for our sins, our family’s sins, our church’s sins, our culture’s sins. We must find the courage to boldly and with severity, yet born from love, confront this!
    • LORD, help me to see, to care enough to be broken, to have courage enough to speak and act.

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