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Preparing for Change

Change seldom just happens. There are usually a variety of factors that are at play that lead up to change. When culture changes, there is often a period of discomfort and/or dissatisfaction that precedes the change. Sometimes there is a tragedy that makes a change necessary. When it comes to personal change, sometimes it is just a matter of making some decisions. You then strategically arrange the factors in one’s life to facilitate that change.

For those who have been keeping up with my devotional thoughts and theological ponderings, you have certainly noticed that there has been a recent lull in the normal rhythm of my posts. Well, without prematurely mentioning things that are going on, I can say that my family is in the preparation phase of a significant transition.

Since I have been posting my devotions on my blog site, I have noticed that it creates a kind of built-in accountability, my reading has been more consistent and more focused. Now that I have gotten distracted with this season of life, I can tell in my spirit that I am missing out. It is kind of like forgetting to take a particular medication for a few days and wondering why I am feeling so off.

It is my intention to continue to write devotional thoughts as often as I am able. Once this season has passed I will try to resume with 3-5 devotional thoughts per week and 2-4 theological meditations per month. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I look forward to writing again, and even more, the occasional dialogue that it sparks with some of you.

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  1. Saw your page and thought I’d share this… I’m sure you may have heard this. Jay McKinley turned me onto this decades ago and I’ve played it ever since…


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