Words of Life

Self-Discipline OR Self-Condemnation

Titus 3

  • In this chapter, Paul gives several lists of do’s and don’ts. The lists themselves are important and interesting, but I’m most interested in a goal of the lists and the relationship we have with those we are trying to impact.
  • In vs. 8 Paul says to “insist on these things.” The reason for this is that people may participate in “good works.” The result isĀ profit for them. Why I find this interesting is that I am a “Why?” person more than a “What?” person. I like to motivate people to see the virtue in something, then let that drive their actions. But it seems that Paul finds that insisting on behavior change can also be an approach that results in being profitable to a community.
  • Still, there will be those who are trouble-makers and will neither love what is good nor do what is good. (vs. 10) Paul says to spend little time with these people. This kind of person will make their own beds in time, they are “self-condemned.” (vs. 11)


  • Holy Spirit, help me know the balance in motivating the heart and instructing the will. I want to do this with courage and grace. Help me to invest my time and efforts wisely in those who are helpful and receptive to Your ways. Let me not forget to check myself in these areas of desiring Your ways and disciplining myself in Your ways. Father, do not allow me to travel the path of self-condemnation.

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