Words of Life

Good Work can be done amidst Bad Calls

Deuteronomy 1b:

  • It seems as if the original plan was for Israel to go into the Promised Land together (vs. 21). Moses says that the suggestion to send spies in “seemed good to [him]” (vs. 23). I wonder if he was confident that they would return with an encouraging report and rally the troops. Now, 40 years later, I wonder if Moses second-guesses his decision to allow the spies to preview the land. For, vs. 37 says that this is at least part of the reason he is not allowed to enter the land. Regardless, 40 years later, Moses is still trying to be useful for God’s purposes, even when there is no apparent “pay-off” for himself.

LORD, help me to have the servant heart of Moses; for the sake of Your plan and Your people.

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