Words of Life

An Unprofitable Declaration

Isaiah 57:

  • Though no one seems interested in the life of a righteous man (vs. 1), the righteous man can rest well (vs. 2). Perhaps the righteous man is not concerned with his standing before men. It is only our standing before the LORD that ultimately matters. And what is this standing? Vs. 12 says that even the “declaration [of our] righteousness… will not profit [us].” This should leave us in a posture of humility and repentance; contentment, knowing what we deserve or what we are entitled to. And it is precisely here that the LORD meets us (vs. 15b). And it is here that we find new life (vs. 15c).

LORD, do not allow me to fear the reality of who I am. For, being content to receive my lot, I am postured for peace and productive service… and spiritual blessing from You.

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