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How to Categorize a Singer

Nehemiah 7:

  • Nehemiah finds a book of genealogies and chooses to organize the people. As a worship leader, I find it interesting that “singers” appear in 2 very different lists. The first list shows up twice and includes Priests, Singers, Gatekeepers, Temple Servants, and Solomon’s Servants. (vs. 39-60, 73) The second list second list includes Servants, Singers, Horses, Mules, Camels, and Donkeys. (vs. 66-69)
  • I’m not sure how I should feel about this second list. I guess it’s just good to be considered among God’s people.
  • On another note (pun intended), there are two areas where Nehemiah has to make tough judgment calls. InĀ vs. 2 he chooses authorities over Jerusalem. One was his brother. His reasoning is that “he was a more faithful and God-fearing man than many.” I wonder how this came across to the people. Then he makes a decision to exclude some due to their inability to “prove” they “belonged” to Israel (vs. 61) This exclusion meant that they were counted as “unclean” for a time. (vs. 64)
  • So, part of leadership must require making the best, most faithful decisions you can, with integrity. There will almost always be a negative backlash from someone. However, fear of dissension will only paralyze a leader from leading.

LORD, help me to be glad for my position, no matter how humble it may be. When given responsibilities, help me to hear Your guidance and to follow confidently.

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