Words of Life

Quality & Quantity of Living in Fear

Hebrews 2:

  • Jesus seems like a mere historical person (vs. 8b), but he is actually in control of everything. (vs. 8a) Yet, he became flesh so that he could release us from the bondage that we are in. (vs. 9, 14-18)
  • I find it particularly interesting that this bondage is described by the author as “lifelong slavery”. (vs. 15b) And the way we are placed in this bondage is through “fear of death”. (vs. 15a) Now that is a simple, yet profound thing. What is fear of death? Is bettering our quality of life a kind of fear of death? Is attempting to accumulate our quantity of life a fear of death? I cannot say for certain.
  • I wonder, if what Jesus came to purchase for us (freedom – 1 Corinthians 7:23) and what Jesus prepares for us (a place to be with him – John 14:2-3) and what Jesus commissions us for (gathering people for freedom & communion – John 20:21 & Matthew 28:18-20), if these are avoided for the sake of quality and quantity of this life (that is life, both in the world and according to the world), are we functioning according to the “fear of death”? If so, are we therefore in bondage, and not recipients of this gift of God? I’m not suggesting I know the complete answer. But, I do want to take seriously the assertion of the author, “how can we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?”

Lord, help me to effectively be freed from bondage, that I may happily do your will. Holy Spirit, give me the strength to be freed from the bondage I often run back to!

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