Words of Life

Trust: even when it betrays my sensibilities

Deuteronomy 2:

  • The LORD commands and fights in puzzling ways. I guess the saying, “The LORD’s ways are not our ways.” is true. In vs. 24-25 the Israelites are sent to take Heshbon. The LORD even says that He will begin to put the fear of Israel in the hearts of the people of Heshbon. Then, in vs. 30 we read that the LORD hardens the king’s heart so that he will not allow Israel to pass through his land. Initially, this seems to be in conflict with my thinking.
  • Perhaps the land could not be given without a completely destructive battle? Still, the misdirection of claiming to “pass-through” (vs. 27) when the promise was “take possession” (vs. 24) seems off to me. Regardless of the means, God keeps His promise and Israel takes the land.

LORD, I confess that I am often not ok with Your plans. Help me not to sit as judge over You. Rather, give me the strength to obey and a heart to trust. When my ways are not Your ways, I am the limited one. I must trust!

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