Words of Life

When God is Blind to our Obedience

Isaiah 58:

  • The LORD says that there is a religious activity (vs. 2) that He will be blind (vs. 3), deaf (vs. 4), and unresponsive to. Israel is wanting the blessing of God so much so that they practice the discipline of fasting (vs. 3). God even recognizes that their fasting is an act of self-humbling and sackcloth & ashes. Still, the LORD is not pleased (vs. 5)
  • The LORD seems to have a preferential place in His heart for the enslaved (vs. 6a), the oppressed (vs. 6b), the hungry (vs. 7a), the homeless (vs. 7b), and the unclothed (vs. 7c). IF our seeking of the LORD involves compassion and mercy, even preferential treatment towards these “least of these” (Matthew 25:31-46), THEN the LORD will cease being blind and deaf to our prayers. (vs. 6-14) This cannot be faked. This cannot be simple acts from residual wealth to appease the needy and assuage the LORD’s anger. This involves acts of sacrifice, actually serving when it costs us something! It involves “pour[ing] yourself out” (vs. 10a).
  • The irony, that we may say that God is silent, yet we will not love those the LORD loves. We desperately want to be blessed, but we will not BE a blessing, at least not when it costs us something.

LORD, forgive us for our lack of compassion. Help us to see who the oppressed are and to love them the way You do. Give us the trust in You and the courage to risk, to sacrifice, to pour ourselves out for others. LORD, hear our prayers!

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