Words of Life

When the Word was Wanted

Nehemiah 8:

  • Here, the people in Jerusalem ask Ezra to read to them the books of Moses. (vs. 1) This is incredible to me, for this is not mere “storytime.” This reading is hard and requires explanation (vs. 7-8) and results in many tears. (vs. 9-10) It seems that there is a link between this emotional desire for Scripture and what Nehemiah calls “worship.” (vs. 6)
  • I wonder if I’ll ever hear the children of God say “read to us the words of God” and explain it. And this, not in a 20-minute snippet, but all day! Too often we are reduced to games and tricks to get people to hear the Bible. I long for the day when the Church corporately pursues the Word of God daily! (vs. 18)

LORD, help Your servants to have the endurance to continue standing on the foundation of Your word, to proclaim it. Steering from this for popular satisfaction will not be for anyone’s good.

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