Words of Life

Self-Help for Others-Good

Deuteronomy 3:

  • My independent thinking, due in part to my cultural foundation, does not like God’s reasoning here. For, in vs. 26 we read that because of theĀ people’s sins Moses is not allowed to enter the promised land. I know that there is more to it than this. But this is the reasoning here.
  • We tend to say that it’s my sin and it’s nobody else’s business. If an army is slaughtered because of one man’s sin (Joshua 7) and if a generation is denied access because of a few men’s sins (Numbers 13-14), then I would say that a person’s sin (as personal as it may seem) can have devastating community effects! So, my dealing with my own sin is not merely an act of self-improvement to feel better about myself. Rather, it is of vital importance for the good of my community, my fellowship, and my family.

LORD, for the sake of Your reputation and for the sake of Your Bride, help me with my battle against my sin.

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