Words of Life

Works of Salvation & Words of the Spirit

Isaiah 59:

  • Who can deny our fickle inconsistencies, our mistreatment of others, our self-betrayal, …our sins?! Justify? – unlikely. Rationalize? – certainly! But we have sin, and this “[has] made a separation between [us] and [our] God,” (vs. 2). Thank God that vs. 1 says that God can overcome all of this. To make this action even more astonishing, Isaiah records the LORD’s perspective in the following verses (vs. 2-15) elaborating just how deeply sin has infected humanity. The LORD, knowing that no one could repair this (vs. 16), takes it upon himself to redeem his people. (vs. 16-20)
  • If this is a work of God, and “no man” can do it, how can it be seen? Vs. 21 says 2 things happen: 1. The LORD’s Spirit is placed in His children and 2. The LORD’s words are often in the mouths of His children.
  • There is a link between the Spirit of God and the Words of God. This is what both Peter (2 Peter 1:20-21) and Paul (2 Timothy 3:16) plainly say. Even David and the prophets often speak of receiving words from the Spirit. So, to be close to the Word of God (the Bible) cannot be too far from being close to the Spirit of God. To neglect, avoid, or worse, discount the Bible, cannot be a safe place for a professing believer.

Holy Spirit, keep my hunger for Scripture alive and growing. Help me to know You and Your Word, to follow and obey it, and to clearly and compellingly proclaim it. Thank you for this precious gift!

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