Words of Life

Oh, How I Presume to Justify!

Nehemiah 9:

  • There’s so much to observe in this passage. There’s the fact that they read Scripture for hours. Then, they confess for hours. There’s the history lesson packaged within a prayer. Then, there’s the content of the prayer. Twice the writer mentions the Israelites falling away after a moment of demonstrated mercy from God with the words “acted presumptuously.” (vs. 18 & 29) It seems that a key element to turning away is presuming. Basically, it is the assumption that you know the situation, that you understand God, that you are justified in your actions.
  • Is this where we are today? Do I know all that is in play behind the circumstances governed by our sovereign God? Even if I did, would I understand the motivations for the specific works of God’s mercy, grace, and love? Can I truly justify my decisions? Especially when I know my decisions are twisted by fear, greed, self-protection, lust, pride, entitlement, and on and on!

LORD, continue to have mercy on me. Forgive me of my many sins. Though I have “acted wickedly”, “Yet you have been righteous…[and] have dealt faithfully.” (vs. 33) Thank you for your steadfast love. Sustain me to the end, for Your Glory and my gladness!

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