Words of Life

Merciful Justice IS Beautiful!

Isaiah 60 & 61

  • What a day this will be! The LORD will make His people prosperous, desirable, beautiful! (60:9) The nations will come to God’s house willingly with adoration and a desire to participate in His working.
  • How I long to see this day! For today God’s people are often viewed as a mockery, with disdain. And no wonder! For too often, when the LORD’s people gather, they do not resemble what the Spirit of the LORD says He will do (61:1-3). The Spirit heads straight for the poor, broken, and oppressed.
  • Sure, we have our outreach events. But are these merely vain handouts to do our duty and appease our consciences? God knows the heart. Are we not told to point ourselves toward these, to make right the injustices that were done? Make right!! Not just let scraps fall from our abundant tables! But, I confess, this is too high a price for me. While I know that “the LORD love[s] justice [and] hate[s] robbery and wrong” (61:8), I cannot seem to be able to fully position myself like this.

LORD, forgive me! I know I am selfish, weak, fearful, covetous, and lacking in compassion. Holy Spirit, help me to trust You with my provisions, that I may be more compassionately generous with the blessings You have given. Then my deepest heart’s desire will come, to be able to show You to any who can see.

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