Words of Life

Short-Lived Love & Lasting Life

Nehemiah 10:

  • Several times in the Bible we read about people recovering God’s Word, being broken by the discovery of their sin, and making covenants to follow God’s Law. Still, this repentance lasts maybe a generation. Why is it that their commitments are always short-lived? Could it be that what they learned, what struck them to the heart, what moved them toward radical obedience; when rehearsed, became an act of stale obedience, doing, what they knew without remembering how they should feel?!
  • The substance of obedience comes from knowledge, but the authenticity of obedience is found in the heart. When we skip the emotions, we set ourselves up to become whitewashed tombs.

LORD, sensitize me to feel how I should feel. Do not let my obedience be gutted of life and love! Let this be true for Your Bride as well. May Your Church not merely follow for a season, but help her to learn to rehearse her love for You!

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