Words of Life

Hearing God when He Speaks

Psalm 119:

  • How the psalmist is desperate to know God! (vs. 7a, 10a, 12a, etc.) And the means of knowing God is through His commands. (vs. 7b, 10b, 12b, etc.) The confidence he has in the commands of God creates a stubborn commitment to think on God’s Word, even in the face of conflict. (vs. 23) The writer takes this commitment beyond even this and puts himself in a place of personal risk-taking, seeing a disconnect between the Word of God and “selfish gain”.

LORD, I want to seek You the way this writer describes. Let me not grow weary of hearing Your voice in Your Word! It is here that I find peace. It is here that I find clarity. It is here that I find mission and purpose. Most significantly, it is here that I feel Your presence in a way that opens me to see Your presence in the world around me.

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