Words of Life

God’s Passion for us & our Weak Desires

Isaiah 62 & 63:

  • How often God needs to take matters into His own hands! (63:5) God is looking for the faithful, the merciful, the bold; but there is no one. God even goes so far to make His name glorious (63:14) that He puts Himself in the pathway of our affliction. (63:9)
  • When this difficult work is done, we will see (62:1), the nations will see (62:2), that the LORD is the glorious bridegroom that we desire to covenant with. (62:5a) Then, we will become “a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD”. (62:3) Most astonishingly to me is that the LORD will “delight in [us]” (62:4c) and “[shall]… rejoice over [us]”. (62:5b)

LORD, it is humbling to be loved to this degree, at this cost, with this intensity of emotion by You. Forgive me for my emotionally weak response to Your love. Forgive me for my failure to consider Your love enough to be moved by it. Grow me to be able to respond to Your love as I should, as I desire to.

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