Words of Life

Grace for Sloppy Obedience

Isaiah 64 & 65

  • Isaiah’s prayer is well-intended. He deeply desires for the LORD to decisively make Himself known and to reveal Himself completely to the world. (64:1) Yet, when I read 64:6 I wonder if he really wants this. For, if our best efforts (“righteousness”) are “polluted garments”, how could we stand when the LORD arrives?! Still, Isaiah entrusts himself to the hands of the LORD. (64:8ff.)
  • The LORD responds, saying that He wanted to be known, but the people never sought Him. (65:1) Even worse, the LORD’s people, when they consider God, seem to dare God to do something about their rebellion and sloppy obedience. (65:2-5). They go so far as to consider themselves better than God!
  • Even then, though God would be justified in destroying His work, realizes that there are servants who sincerely want to know the LORD. (65:8) So, the LORD will punish, but for the sake of His servants, He will not destroy completely. In fact, He promises to make a new creation, one that will be absent of this defiance and rebellion. (65:17-25)

I know we like to view ourselves as the “servants”. But how often do we posture ourselves before the LORD as if to say, “I know better than You! I love more than You! I am more holy than You!”? I know this sounds outlandish when stated like this. But, is it not what we do when we step from faith in order to exalt our reason above God’s revelation?

→ LORD, forgive me for trusting my insights over Your proclamations. Help me in my feeble thinking. Give me enough clarity to walk in Your ways daily. Help me to trust Your work, Your heart, Your plan, and Your promises.

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