Words of Life

When Will We Praise?

Nehemiah 12:

  • Much hard work was completed with the wall being built around the city of Jerusalem. (vs. 27) It is now time to contemplate the work and celebrate. This celebration was not a mere performance for the people to observe, but an experience done by the people throughout the entire city! (vs. 32-43) In fact, we read is vs. 43 that “the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.”
  • I sometimes like to contrast the enthusiasm of our church gatherings with what we see at an NFL game. Some will rebut that these events are not comparable. But, it seems to me when the joy of the LORD is placed in us by God (see vs. 43 again), then this celebration can shake a city, even echo into neighboring towns!

→LORD, forgive us of our weak love for You. Please kill our hearts of entitlement and replace them with hearts of gratitude. Then, we can respond with happy contentment that explodes into genuine joyful praise in response to seeing the blessings from You as we should!

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