Words of Life

The Power of an Indestructible Life (7:16)

Hebrews 7:

  • It seems that some were questioning the legitimacy of Jesus functioning as a “priest” since he was from the tribe of Judah and not a Levite. It is clever of the writer of Hebrews to point to another highly esteemed, but lesser, priest, Melchizedek. Basically, God may declare priesthood to whom He wishes based on merits He chooses. In regards to Jesus and the law, his merits are flawless and unsurpassable. This functionally ends the priesthood as mediatorial. We now access God directly via Jesus or the Holy Spirit.
  • How different would my walk with God be if this were not the case? How inconsistent would I be, a fallible person relying on a fallible priest? How fearful, wavering, uncertain would I be? But praise God! This is not the case!

→Thank you, Jesus, for being who I needed you to be so that I might live confidently in peace with you, with my neighbor, and with myself. Help me to know this peace today. Help me to help others know this peace.

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