Words of Life

The Blessing of Connectedness

Hebrews 11:

  • It is evident that the author does not see a conflict between hope and assurance, not seeing and conviction. (vs. 1) There must be a way to consider the heart of God and, while not knowing, to say, “I confidently believe!”
  • Another blaring observation is in what this faith resulted in. Or, more astonishingly, did not result in. Too often today, I hear people speak of faith that gives wealth, health, happiness, good fortune, and more. This may be true, but ONLY to the degree that these things serve the true Gospel of Jesus, bringing glory to God, and connecting people to that glory. Any “blessing” that does not do this is not from God. In fact, the power and wisdom of God here, is that He can (and often does) take the effects of sin and turns them on their heads to result in a grander, everlasting blessing. This is where I believe God and His children most shine in this world.
  • One last observation today that wonderfully caught my eye. In verses 39-40, we read that a reason why people died without seeing or experiencing what was promised, is that their blessing would be incomplete without the gathering of the universal family of God! That is us! In fact, not only is their blessing incomplete without us, but their perfection is incomplete without us!

Jesus, help me to see you with such clarity, with the eyes of my heart, that I can trust in the waiting and through the affliction. Holy Spirit, shape my heart to not only see the reconciliation of others to God as a fruit of my sacrificial obedience, but as essential to my obedience. If I could have a life that show this, then my life might “make it clear” (vs. 14) that my greatest joy is not in this fallen world, but in the redeemed and reconciled community of faith. Father, do this in me for Your glory.

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