Words of Life

Too Bright to See

John 1:

  • In one brilliant sentence (vs. 1) John speaks of Jesus’ eternal nature (“in the beginning was…”), Jesus’ relational nature (“the Word was with…”), a hint of the trinitarian nature of God (“with God“), and the divine nature of Jesus himself (“was God”). This “glory” that was inherent in Jesus was evident to some. (vs. 34, 41, 49) Still, there was something about Jesus’ glory that was not so evident to many others. Sadly, these were the religious leaders of God’s chosen people, the LORD’s representatives on earth. (vs. 11)
  • Can the glory of God move around us today and be missed? Can we look straight at him and miss his work, even reject it? What can possibly distract us from the glory of God in Jesus?! That must be the key; it’s IN Jesus! (vs. 4) So, the more I seek Jesus, stare at Jesus, contemplate Jesus, his ways, his work, his words; the more I will see , then reflect, the glory of God in Jesus.
  • Consider Jesus’ answer tot he disciples seeking him, “Come and you will see.” (vs. 39) Consider Philip’s answer to Nathanael, Come and see.” (vs. 46)

So, Father, I want to know God’s glory revealed in Your Son. Therefore, I will “come and see.” I will open Your Word and get to know you. Then, Holy Spirit, cause the Word to change me from the inside out, reforming my heart and redirecting my will.

VERSE 10 was key to me. It reminded me, even cautioned me, that Jesus can be very close to me and still be missed by me. I do not want to follow in this historic pattern. Yet I know that my flesh, the world, the powers in the spiritual realm are constantly pushing me away from Jesus. It reminds me to fight to see Jesus.

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