Words of Life

To the Very End

John 13:

  • I do not know how Jesus knew that his last week had begun, but he did. How conflicting this must have felt? To supremely glorify the Father, to entirely pay the penalty for sin, to open the doors of salvation; what JOY! To be rejected by the chosen people, to be beaten unjustly with severity, to be deserted and betrayed by his closest friends, to receive the wrath of his Father whom he loved; what agony! Still, John beautifully adds, “[Jesus] loved [his disciples] to the end.” (vs. 1)
  • What about us? We know the end. Jesus prepares a places for us. (John 14:1-3) Jesus makes all things new; with tears wiped away, death eliminated, sickness annihilated, peace and reconciliation certain, etc. (Revelation 21) What JOY! Can our certainty of these things strengthen us for the witness that includes rejection, suffering, persecution, etc.? I don’t think there should even be a comparison, but still, it’s hard. Jesus knows it’s hard. And he is gentle and merciful.

    Holy Spirit, gently strengthen me that I may love God and love others to the very end.

    VERSE 1 was key in setting this foot washing scene with the understanding that this is part of how Jesus was loving his disciples (and us) right up to his very death.

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