Words of Life

Good and Bad Examples

Isaiah 28:

  • Isaiah is addressing Israel’s leadership problems. They are referred to as drunks (vs. 1, 7-8) who indulge in the LORD’s gracious blessings without receiving the LORD’s instruction. (vs. 9-10) How do these leaders sustain this illusion? They convince themselves of security by crafting lies. (vs. 14-15) The LORD even goes so far as to teach His lessons through the voice of peoples He has not made a covenant with. (vs. 11) Still, the LORD’s leaders would not listen. (vs. 12b)
    • LORD, do not give up on Your people. Though Your lessons are hard, they are good and righteous and loving. Help us to receive Your word as healing medicine for our wayward hearts.

1 Thessalonians 1:

  • It’s interesting how Paul’s confidenceĀ in the Thessalonians’ true conversion (vs. 4) is not merely because not only did they receive Paul’s words (vs. 5b), but because they received it in the face of affliction. But not only because they received the word in the face of affliction, but because they did this joyfully!
    • Jesus, will we see your word as valuable enough to desire it, even if it costs? Will we count the cost? Will we do this gladly? If so, we will be clear witnesses of your Gospel (vs. 7-8) and live in confidence of our place in your eternal promises. (vs. 10a) Please, let it be so in your Church today!

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