Words of Life

The Afflictions of our Faithful Father

Psalm 119:73-104

  • God calls His children to be living testimonies of the LORD and His Word. (vs. 74a) When those who have a sincere and sober reverence for God see us, they are moved to rejoice. (vs. 74b) And what is that see? They see one who is afflicted by God (vs. 75) in keeping with His love and promise to guide us in truth.
  • How instinctive it is for us to see our uncomfortable circumstances as God’s anger, or worse, God’s failure to love us effectively. Yet, when lining up with the consistent truths in God’s Word; how we are fickle/falling/failing people, how even our goodness is polluted with sinful cravings, then do we see these discomforts as the growing pains of sanctification in the hands of a loving Father.

LORD, forgive me for my childish cries of injustice when it is really my covetous cravings to have what I desire above what I need, above what truy brings life. Holy Spirit, give my eyes enough light to interpret these things according to Your plan, according to Your loving character. Give my heart the faith to trust You, to trust You even with the surgeon’s scalpel that cuts where I most need healing.

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  1. Your words are perfect for what I am going through right now Chris. It’s so hard to have the right perspective on trials, especially when life as you know it seems to be falling apart. When you feel like God has turned on you (I know, it’s always me that moves) it’s hard to feel that He is good. But feelings don’t change the fact that He is still good. It’s hard when the church is to busy to be what the church is supposed to be for those they care about. Church isn’t perfect but it makes you more guarded the next time you need someone. It’s sad when those outside the church are more supportive than those in it. May I be a better testimony. As a believer who can walk through trials and still know that my security lies in Him and nothing else.


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