Words of Life

The Nations NEED Us to Listen Better!

Isaiah 51:

  • God pleads repeatedly for His people to listen to Him, to pay attention (vs. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 17). His intent is to rescue, rebuild, and redeem; not to harm. God’s goal extends beyond a select few. For in vs. 4 & 5 He says that His justice and salvation are intended to be seen and received by “the peoples,” not “people.” (Do the eyes of God’s children extend justice and salvation beyond their self-protective boarders today?)
  • One of the reasons God’s children cannot enjoy and participate in the heart of God is that they are more afraid of finite men than in missing out on God’s infinite will! (vs. 6b, 8b, 12-16) How frustrating it must be for God to hold out gifts of infinite worth and value before His children, only to have them continually rejected.


LORD, give me eyes to see true value. Help me have the courage to trust Your salvation and justice, even when it betrays the wisdom of my generation. For this wisdom is faulty when at odds with Your Word. I commit myself to listen as much as I am able. Forgive me and show me mercy when I do not hear so well and give into self-protective fear.

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