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Chris Garrett

I write because it helps me to think about and implement convictions I encounter in God's Word. I share my writing because I believe that transcendent truth is best discovered and applied when applied to the friction of community engagement.

Please engage with the content of these pages as much as you like. Iron only sharpens iron if friction is applied. Let's love each other by gracefully applying this friction to one another.

The Still, Small Voice of Worship

After leaving 8 years of teaching Bible at a Christian H.S. I worked construction for 4.5 years. Many interesting and profound things happened to me spiritually during these years. One of them was surviving the “silence” of God. Let me explain. My time of teaching was a loud […]

The Story of the Logo

Symbols can be powerful things. One of the ways that Rome would remind people who was in control, was to put images of Caesar all over the place; on coins, buildings, announcements and even places of worship.  Hitler would intentionally do the same thing with his own image, as […]

Growing Godly Generations

a vision for life and ministry

Always Returning Home

Roots below the surface of a weathered tree

Life as a Leach

A hungry beggar showing hungry beggars where I'm finding food

my german life:

an american girl in hamburg

Into the Dark With God

A hungry beggar showing hungry beggars where I'm finding food

Breaking ABD

the life of a dissertation writer

Kendra Dahl

reflections on ordinary faith & life


Promoting meaningful connection between churches and families of kids with disabilities for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ.